Corey's Pony Is Missing - Bonnie Bryant

Corey's Pony Is Missing

Corey's Pony Is Missing

0 0 5 Author: Bonnie Bryant
Corey’s pony has run away, and it’s up to the Pony Tails to rescue him

Corey’s newly divorced parents are still working out which days Corey stays with each of them. Most weekends, Corey can be with her beloved pony, Samurai, and hang out with her best friends and neighbors, May and Jasmine. But this weekend, she is going to her dad’s, so she has asked her fellow Pony Tails to keep an eye on Samurai. Corey hates to leave, but she knows that no one could take better care of him than her two best friends.

Soon after Corey leaves, however, Sam disappears from his stall. May and Jasmine are desperate to find him. How could they have let Sam get away? The Pony Tails must solve the mystery of Samurai’s disappearance and get him back before something terrible happens.
Language: English Category: Children Series: Pony Tails: 3 Translator:

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Publisher: Open Road Media Young Readers
Published: 2014-07-29
ISBN: 9781497653399

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