The Statue Walks at Night - Joan Lowery Nixon

The Statue Walks at Night

The Statue Walks at Night

0 0 5 Author: Joan Lowery Nixon
The sons of a private detective investigate a crazy art museum caper—and try to avoid a spooky statue!
Ever since they were very young, Brian and Sean Quinn have helped their father solve mysteries. Even though their dad is a professional detective, he always likes to hear his kids’ opinions. Sometimes they even help him catch a crook! But when a pair of priceless Leonardo da Vinci drawings disappears from the local art museum, their father is stumped, and only the boys can crack the case. The robbery was an inside job, which means the drawings could be anywhere—even inside the museum. Sean and Brian inspect the premises and get to know the staff. And everything goes fine until they get to the Anubis Room, where the famous Egyptian statue is rumored to come alive at night. The Quinn boys will nab the thief—as long as the statue doesn’t catch them first!
Language: English Category: Children Series: Casebusters: 1 Translator:

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Publisher: Open Road Media Young Readers
Published: 2012-10-16
ISBN: 9781453282731

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