The Secret Mark - Roy J. Snell

The Secret Mark

The Secret Mark

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The third in a series of books revolving around cousins Marian and Lucile by author Roy J. Snell, in ‘The Secret Mark’ we are reunited with Lucile, now working part-time at the library at her Chicago University. While at the library one night Lucile witnesses the theft of a valuable book from the library’s collection. Together with her friend and roommate Florence, Lucile vows to track down the thief and solve the mystery, as danger and adventure inevitably ensue. A gripping tale from the popular American author.

Roy J. Snell (1878-1959) was a popular American author best known for his children’s fiction. Born in Missouri, Snell was raised on a farm in Illinois. At the age of 19 he attended Wheaton College, graduating in 1906. He became a Minister, before continuing his studies at Harvard University. Snell then moved to Alaska before joining the war effort serving with the Red Cross. WWI had interrupted his blossoming writing career, and upon his return from France Snell began writing in earnest. Many of his books drew on his own adventurous spirit and love of travel, and Snell went on to write over 70 young adult novels, many of which were also published under his pseudonyms, David O’Hara, James Craig and Joseph Marino. He died in 1959 at the age of 80.
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Publisher: SAGA Egmont
Published: 2021-07-07
ISBN: 9788726553833

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