741Hz Solfeggio Meditation - Glenn Harrold,Ali Calderwood

741Hz Solfeggio Meditation

741Hz Solfeggio Meditation

4.13 78 5 Author: Glenn Harrold,Ali Calderwood Narrator: Glenn Harrold
As audiobook.
Express yourself freely and communicate effectively. This is one of a series of meditation recordings by Glenn Harrold and Ali Calderwood, which are based upon the ancient solfeggio musical scale. Each note in this scale has specific healing properties, and this recording resonates to a frequency of 741hz which is associated with the colour blue and the element of ether. Glenn Harrold’s acclaimed vocal delivery and guided meditation combined with Ali Calderwood’s deep and moving soundscapes tuned to 741hz combine to create an amazingly powerful meditation recording.
Language: English Category: Personal Development Translator:

More information about the audiobook:

Publisher: Diviniti Publishing Ltd
Published: 2012-06-11
Length: 1H 13Min
ISBN: 9781905835454

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