The Daisy - Hans Christian Andersen

The Daisy

The Daisy

5 1 5 Author: Hans Christian Andersen Narrator: Emma Fenney
Andersen's fairy tales, which have been translated into more than 125 languages, have become culturally embedded in the West's collective consciousness, readily accessible to children, but presenting lessons of virtue and resilience in the face of adversity for mature readers as well. This title is part of Andersen's Fairy Tales, Volume 2, published by Dreamscape Media. LLC.
Language: English Category: Children Translator: Jean Hersholt

More information about the audiobook:

Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Published: 2017-06-27
Length: 10Min
ISBN: 9781974911332

More info about the ebook

Publisher: SAGA Egmont
Published: 2020-06-26
ISBN: 9788726418040

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