Calm - Jane Yates



4.0 3 5 Author: Jane Yates Narrator: Jane Yates
As audiobook.
Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a hard time of year, if you have lost your beloved dog. I personally find getting some sleep around holidays the hardest. I also find doing meditation hard as my mind wonders as soon as it starts and then the whole things finished, I am still awake and feeling no better. Grief takes time and although I am very grateful for my new rescue Labrador Oak, there is still a big gap in my heart for my beloved springer spaniel Mandy. Therefore, with the help of Douglas Coleman of DJC Productions, I have made Calm, a guided meditation called Calm. I have a calm English voice and the meditation has a simple background, which makes the audio even more relaxing. I found that listening to this audio and concentrating on the memories of my beloved dog, keeps me focused on breathing and following the story. Sometimes I cry, but this is OK, as its healing to let go of the sadness. Several people have told me that this meditation works and that they fall asleep. One person did not even have a dog of his own but focused on the memories of a dog who had passed on that lived near to him who he was very fond off. I hope that you or someone you know will find it as helpful. Please leave a review if you do. #gratitude Calm: Guided Meditation to Help you Sleep, using your memories of a dog. This is a guided meditation to help you drift into sleep using your memories of a dog.
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More information about the audiobook:

Publisher: Author's Republic
Published: 2018-12-06
Length: 39Min
ISBN: 9781982732516

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