Stitch Head: The Beast of Grubbers Nubbin - Guy Bass

Stitch Head: The Beast of Grubbers Nubbin

Stitch Head: The Beast of Grubbers Nubbin

0 0 5 Author: Guy Bass Narrator: Jack Hawkins
He's back! Join Stitch Head, a mad professor's creation, in the adventure of an almost-lifetime. The orphans at Castle Grotteskew are running riot - and getting hungry. With no food in the castle, Stitch Head and Arabella head down to Grubbers Nubbin to see what they can pilfer, but there they encounter a terrifying, savage beast. Could one of the Professor's creations be on the loose?
Language: English Category: Children Translator:

More information about the audiobook:

Publisher: Oakhill Publishing
Published: 2018-11-01
Length: 2H 5Min
ISBN: 9781787712164

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