In the Mind of an Awesome Salesman - Jozsef Piller

In the Mind of an Awesome Salesman

In the Mind of an Awesome Salesman

3.0 2 5 Author: Jozsef Piller
As e-book.
What makes an awesome salesperson? What do they do that no one else does? Are we not all salespeople in one way or another? What is required for you to accomplish everything you have dreamed of? Want to know how to double or triple your budget? A top seller uses all their channels to make their customers succeed with warmth and consideration. In the E-book version, concrete tips are given on how you can get motivation and at the same time transform yourself from a mediocre to a top salesperson.
Language: English Category: Economy & Business Translator:

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Publisher: Nordic Success Publishing
Published: 2019-06-27
ISBN: 9789198510362

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