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A Date With Death

Author: Mark Roberts E-book

All they wanted was to find their happy-ever-after... Instead, they met their deaths.

Three women have been killed in Liverpool. The MO points to a stranger, and now DCI Eve Clay is on the trail of a vicious man who preys on lonely women on dating sites. He signs off the same way with each message: "Kiss kiss, night night."

His crimes are escalating โ€“ and Eve has to stop him before another girl dies. But first she needs to find him. And that means going undercover online, and posing as his perfect victim...


'A fast-paced, chilling novel... Short chapters, crackling dialogue and action that never lets up for a single moment... Mark Roberts is what British crime fiction has been looking for' CRIMESQUAD.

'Intricate, fast-paced, with a sense of the macabre... A genuinely innovative crime writer' DAILY MAIL.

'Dark, gripping and believable. Roberts' intimate knowledge of Liverpool makes the city into a sinister character of itself' GRAHAM MASTERTON.

'This is one of the most thought-provoking, powerful serial killing murders I've ever read. It's brutal, but I found that the plot was so deep, so twisted, intense and clever that there was no way I could put the book down until the final page' BESTSELLING CRIME THRILLERS.

© 2019 Head of Zeus (E-book) ISBN: 9781786695123

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