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A Share of Honour

Author: Alexander Fullerton E-book

From a British author praised for his “breathtaking . . . portrayal of men under fire,” a WWI military thriller featuring a family of naval officers (Publishers Weekly).

Sub-lieutenant Paul Everard serves in the Mediterranean aboard the submarine Ultra, helping the Allies attack Axis supply ships in a life or death struggle beneath the waves.

But Paul has other worries: his father, Nick, is somewhere in the Far East, at risk from the rapidly advancing Japanese. His brother, Jack, has become embroiled in the murky world of clandestine operations, and been sent on a high-risk mission to destroy a key German naval base.

The Everards are risking everything for the war. But what price is too high for one family to bear?
Praise for the Everard family naval thrillers: “A particularly rousing brand of naval fiction . . . Brimming with action, suspense, and authentic historical detail.” —Booklist

“Impeccable in detail and gripping in impact.” —Irish Independent
“The research is unimpeachable and the scent of battle quite overwhelming.” —Sunday Times

“Has the ring of truth and the integrity proper to a work of art.” —The Daily Telegraph

“The prose has a real sense of urgency, and so has the theme. The tension rarely slackens.” —Times Literary Supplement

“A thoroughly likeable hero.” —Kirkus Reviews

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