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All American Boy

Author: William J. Mann E-book

A gay man who fled his hometown in a cloud of scandal and guilt returns home to his estranged family—and the boy he left behind

The first call is from Wally Day’s estranged mother, begging him to come home. The second is from Sebastian Garafolo, a Brown’s Mill cop Wally last spoke to when he confessed to having underage sex in the old apple orchard. Today, Garafolo is calling about something else entirely: Wally’s cousin Kyle is missing.

Twenty years ago, Wally fled his hometown in shame. He returns to a place that has barely changed, where he knows who walks the streets by day and who comes out at night. Now, as circumstances force him to confront the events that drove him to leave who he was far behind, Wally must also face dark truths about his family … about a shattering night and a crime that still haunts him and shaped the man he has become. If he has any hope of embracing the future, he must first make peace with his past.

All American Boy is a stunning novel about forbidden love, forgiveness, and hard-won redemption.

© 2014 Open Road Media (E-book) ISBN: 9781497667167

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