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Ascendance of a Bookworm: Part 4 Volume 9

Author: Miya Kazuki E-book

Rozemyne is busy studying for her next year at the Royal Academy and working toward the installation of the new High Priest, but beneath the surface, her heart swirls in turmoil. A decree from the king requires Ferdinand to leave Ehrenfest, and as their final days together draw near, she must face losing her greatest pillar of support since she first entered the temple.
As a farewell gift, Rozemyne treats Ferdinand and their retainers to a meal at the Italian restaurant. Dark clouds loom overhead, however, and an unexpected incident threatens to separate the pair even sooner than expected. Rozemyne can only fight back the tears as she utters a prayer for Ferdinand, blessing him one last time.
Part 4 of this biblio-fantasy concludes with this volume! Also includes a collection of short stories, three of which were written for this release, as a prelude to Part 5, as well as You Shiinaโ€™s classic four-panel manga!

© 2022 J-Novel Club (E-book) ISBN: 9781718346406 Translator: Quof

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