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Black Hat

Author: Domino Finn Narrator: Justin Thomas James Audiobook

Life’s a Grind

Living in a virtual game world sounds like the ultimate dream. Plenty of action, intrigue, and guess who gets to be the big hero?

But what happens when that digital reality gets flipped on its head? Bad guys are after your sweet loot, your fancy title is loaded with unrealistic expectations, and achieving such a high level comes with a big fat target on your back.

It isn’t long before Talon and company learn that, in an MMO, the daily grind is a literal fact of life.

Something has to give, so when a new crusader faction rolls into town, Talon senses an opportunity. Not just to get out of Dodge, but to navigate unforgiving terrain to the edge of the world where he can make a difference. Have a real impact. Be a real hero.

The catch? An awakened dragon, a city of cutthroats, and a mystical executioner with a sharpened axe to grind. Welcome to the first of a few very long days.

What listeners are saying:

⚡⚡ "Nonstop action and just plain good storytelling." ⚡⚡

⚡⚡ "No game company could make a game as good as this book!" ⚡⚡

⚡⚡ "Domino Finn continues to wow." ⚡⚡

⚡⚡ "Fast read. Good narrative. Gigantic climax." ⚡⚡

⚡⚡ "Exhilarating from first to last." ⚡⚡

⚡⚡ "I cheered, I booed, I may have even pumped my fist, much to the dismay of the cat beside me. 5 stars!" ⚡⚡

⚡⚡ "A triple-A title you won't find on Steam. I really like Ready Player One, but Afterlife Online is on another level." ⚡⚡

⚡⚡ "Talon is such a badass. Izzy, Kyle, and the rest of the gang rock." ⚡⚡

⚡⚡ "Who knew the afterlife could be so fun?" ⚡⚡

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