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Cut-Throat Defence

Author: Olly Jarvis E-book

In this “tautly-written” legal thriller, a British defense lawyer’s search for his missing client draws him into Manchester’s criminal underworld (Manchester Evening News).

As the son of Polish immigrants, Jack Kowalski knows how it feels to be the underdog. But now, as a successful young barrister, he’s working on the biggest drugs trials in British history. Determined to prove himself and fight for his clients, he argues a savage “cut-throat: defense—a risky tactic where the defendants blame each other.

But when his defendant suddenly disappears, Jack and solicitor Lara Panassai struggle to hold the case together. In search of their client, and desperate for new evidence, they must comb through Manchester’s notoriously dangerous underworld. And as each turn takes the case into darker territory, Jack must decide who—if anyone—can be trusted.

© 2016 Canelo (E-book) ISBN: 9781911420095

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