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Teens & Young Adult
7H 43Min


Author: Susan Cady Allred Narrator: Maxwell Glick Audiobook

Nathan is an ordinary 15-year-old until he saves a girl from being mugged. Well, that and the fact that the A.G.E.N.C.Y. has recruited him to work for them in their child-spy division. Now he's being hunted by some seriously scary people.

Everywhere he turns, Nathan is fighting for his life. When his grandfather is kidnapped, Nathan must track him down and help him escape. But what happens when Nathan finds out the people he's working for aren't as squeaky clean as he thought they were, and their secrets are just as dangerous as the person they claim to be saving Nathan from?

When you're surrounded by spies, everyone is suspect. Nathan must figure out who to believe, and how to escape those out to hurt him. Nathan's life, his grandfather's life, and his freedom depend on it.

DetoNATE is a page-turning teen spy thriller filled with action-packed fight scenes, snarky teen-aged humor, and page-turning twists that will keep you wanting more! If you like Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider, Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls, and Jillian Dodd's Spy Girls, you'll love DetoNATE and the other books in the Unleashed series.

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