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Diary Of A Zombie Book 3 - Monster Christmas

Author: MC Steve Narrator: MC Steve Audiobook

*When monsters celebrate Christmas it's time to wreck the halls...*

It's Christmas – time to party, and fun-loving young zombie Z is not about to disappoint! Z, monster friends Trevor, Bonnie and human boy Steve are ready to cut loose, have fun and feast on loads of pizza. *Z isn't completely off the clock though*, his classmates are waiting for his next piece in the school newspaper, and Z isn't about to disappoint them either.

From learning how to ice skate, to sledding, to a festive New Year's party, there's fun around every corner for Z and his buddies. Even Z's moody older brother R seems to be in the spirit of things, and* there's still one last bash waiting for the the young friends!


What Christmas adventures are waiting for Z and the crew? Time will tell when you read “Monster Christmas”

Non-stop adventure and fun, “Monster Christmas” is the perfect holiday pick for your little human.

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