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Diary Of A Zombie Book 5 - Mixed Up

Author: MC Steve Narrator: MC Steve Audiobook

*Things take a wild turn for the monsters when humans are thrown into the mix at school…*

Everything is going great for Z, the plucky, likable young zombie. Although middle school is a bit of a hustle, his gig at the school newspaper is going off without a hitch and he loves hanging out with his monster friends Trevor and Bonnie, and his new human compatriot, Steve. Even his relationship with brooding older brother R is improving.

But *things are about to change forever* when Z and his monster schoolmates discover that after a recent turn of events, *humans are going to be attending his school too*. The problem is, humans and monsters don't always get along so well. And when the two groups start to butt heads, the heat is about to turn up.

How will this recent chain of events affect Z's friendship with Steve? Can monsters and humans ever co-habitate peacefully? Only time will tell when you read the page-turning “Mixed Up”

Mixed up is a heartwarming tale of friendship and problem solving that's as much of a lesson about tolerance as it is a delight to read. Imaginative and tons of fun, this book is perfect for any young fan of the game Minecraft.

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