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Diary Of A Zombie Steve Book 2 - Restaurant Wars

Author: MC Steve Narrator: MC Steve Audiobook

*Zombie Steve is about to be served up with a whole lot of trouble

Trouble is afoot for adventure loving Steve the Zombie when his good natured girlfriend Viv the talented chef decides to open a new cafe. Despite Viv’s talent and Steve’s expert construction skills, the cafe isn’t about to open its doors to great success – not if the rotten Deluge brothers have anything to do with it.

The Deluge family has been serving up subpar human food and trying to pass it off as zombie cuisine, so naturally, they are threatened when Viv hitches a plan to serve mouthwatering zombie delicacies. At every step of the way, Steve the Zombie faces trouble as he tries to help Viv successfully open her restaurant. Chuckles, the stern but decent police officer, doesn’t seem to want to intervene for some reason, but that’s *not nearly enough to stop Steve* from throwing a wrench into the Deluge brothers’ nasty schemes.

Why won’t Chuckles help out? Will the whole zombie village be too frightened of the Deluge family to check out Viv’s new cafe? Read “Restaurant Wars” to find out!

Restaurant Wars is a delightfully kind spirited book that will teach your child to do the right thing in the face of adversity. Just in time for the holiday season, this read will please any child who loves Minecraft.

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