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Diary Of A Zombie Villager Book 2 - Stagefright: An Unofficial Minecraft Book

Author: MC Steve Narrator: MC Steve Audiobook


The good natured Zombie Villager Lewis and his happy-go-lucky friend Sebastian are in for the thrill of a lifetime – that is, if Lewis can keep his wits about him. After Lewis' natural talent for cooking has been discovered during a class at school, his teacher phones a local television show who agrees to film Lewis doing a cooking lesson for television!

Lewis is excited at first, but as he lays eyes on the camera, *he realizes that he might have bit off more than he can chew*. It turns out that filming for television can be really nerve wracking! Again and again, Lewis freezes completely in front of the camera. Will he be able to finish the cooking segment? Or will his nerves get the best of him? Read “Stage Fright” and find out!

Stage Fright is a wildly entertaining read that will delight any Minecraft fan. Accompanied by vivid illustrations, this book will entertain your child from beginning to end – and may teach them a thing or two without them even realizing it.

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