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Teens & Young Adult
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Diary Of A Zombie Villager Book 4 - Treasure Map

Author: MC Steve Narrator: MC Steve Audiobook

*the adventure is not about the treasure at the end. It’s the journey that gets you there... *

Zombie Villager and his best buddy Sebastian are about to go on *the adventure of a lifetime – literally.* Under the counsel of the Carlisle Shadowvale, founder of the city and the area’s most gifted story teller, the boys set out to follow a treasure map that they have discovered in the library.

This isn’t going to be a* run of the mill adventure however,* the duo will encounter a creeper and a skeleton, get to know singing squids, and are about to meet the coolest history major in history. The biggest surprise is where the map leads them, but you will have to read “Treasure Map” to find out where!

Engaging and entertaining, Treasure Map is a delightful gift for Minecraft fans and children a like, bound to capture the attention of any young reader – even the ones who hate to read!

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