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Teens & Young Adult
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Diary Of A Zombie Villager Book 5 - Monster Mash

Author: MC Steve Narrator: MC Steve Audiobook

*When Herobrine shows up in town, it might be one monster too many….*

It’s Halloween in Shadovale, and all of the kids are excited to join in the festivities. Zombie Villager’s best bud Sebastian has a killer idea to dress up as a character from the popular comic book “Iron Golem,” while Zombie Villager has decided to dress as a* realistic zombie monster.


*Something odd is putting a damper on all of the fun – Herobrine has been showing up around town, terrorizing the kids of Shadowvale*. Suddenly, to everyone’s surprise, he seems to disappear – or is he just waiting to strike? Everything culminates at classmate Henry’s Halloween party, when Herobrine himself makes an appearance. What will happen to the children? What does Herobrine want? Only time will tell when you read Monster Mash.

Insanely entertaining, Monster Mash will have your young Minecraft on the edge of their seats – a perfect read for the whole family.

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