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Ellie's Long Walk: The True Story of Two Friends on the Appalachian Trail

Author: Pam Flowers E-book

When Pam met Ellie, she was sure she had found a new friend. But Pam wanted more than just a friend; she wanted a companion to hike the world-famous Appalachian Trail.
Does Ellie have what it takes to make this journey?
In Ellieโ€™s Long Walk, Pam and Ellie set out to hike the more-than-2,000-mile-long Trail. In this adventure-packed true story, they ford rivers, survive storms, and scramble up rugged cliffs. Near the end of their journey an icy storm almost forces them to quit. Find out how these two friends keep each other going and if Ellie really is ready for the Appalachian Trail.

© 2013 WestWinds Press (E-book) ISBN: 9780882409412

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