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Personal Development

I Am Resilient

Author: RJ Banks Narrator: RJ Banks Audiobook

Audio affirmations to enhance your coping skills and your ability to "bounce back" after experiencing unfavorable events your life. This program contains 4 tracks. Track 1 contains audible affirmations accompanied with soothing meditative music. Track 2 contains the same programming, but the affirmations are delicately mixed into the music making the subliminal. This process bypasses your conscious mind and send the affirmations directly to your subconscious mind. In tracks 3 & 4 these same affirmations and accompanied by Theta frequency Brainwave Entrainment in a program called theta Garden. It is important to use headphone or earbud for these tracks. Track 3 is audible and track 4 is subliminal.

CAUTION: Do not listen to tracks 3 or 4 while driving or performing anything that requires your full attention as these tracks may cause drowsiness.

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