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7H 16Min

Monster Melee 85

Author: J. Dallas Brooks Narrator: Maxwell Glick Audiobook

In 1985, with the power to walk between reality and the Beyond Realm, 5th-grader Billy’s been haunted for nearly half his life by monsters that no one else can see. He knows that totally wigging out will land him in detention or worse...grounded. No Atari. No MTV. No fun of any kind! Billy decides to take karate by forging his mom’s signature on a permission slip. The mysterious Sensei gives him a radical watch that lets him do something he never thought possible: fight back. A scary Skull Cloud monster confronts Billy and demands a showdown on Halloween in the Monster Melee, an epic battle between monsters and kids that happens every 37 years. It’s a fight he can’t win alone. Can Billy, a loner, assemble a team of real friends to help him battle this terrible monster, or will the ghouls of the Beyond Realm invade Nebraska and then the world?

© 2022 Joshua Dallas Brooks (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781669657118