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Fantasy & SciFi

Mr. Menace

Author: R. Michael Burns E-book

In this supernatural noir, a private detective is hired to find a woman’s missing identity, and faces a crime boss whose business is beyond deadly.

As soon as the mysterious woman walked into his office, PI Frank Orpheus knew she was trouble. She’s rich and beautiful—and she needs Orpheus to find out who she is. It’s an unusual case to say the least, but he can’t say no to those haunting eyes. Even if tracking down her missing identity leads him into a corner of the criminal underworld he never knew existed.

In no time, Orpheus finds himself entangled in a web of criminality, facing characters more dangerous than he could ever imagine. But all of them are mere puppets, controlled by a crime boss known only as Mr. Menace—a dark figure who traffics not just in drugs and booze, but—possibly—in souls.

© 2020 WordFire Press (E-book) ISBN: 9781680571479

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