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Author: Ivan Turgenev E-book

Turgenev’s story is a striking example of a narrative that can easily stand the test of time. Portraying the life of a deaf Russian serf who makes a strong relationship with a rescued dog, the short story elaborately explores the problems and life conditions of Russian serfdom. What is more, the story is based on Turgenev’s own experience with a dog, with the rest of the characters modelled after his family members and friends. A tragic, but emotionally deep tale, "Mumu" is an example of the loneliness of human condition against the sad, tortured heart of society.

Ivan Turgenev is universally acknowledged as one of the towering literary presences in Russian literature. A writer of novels and short stories, his oeuvre depict realistic, sympathetic, and often melancholic portrayals of the Russian serfdom and the aristocracy. He was also known for his popularization of Russian realism, the exquisite musical quality of his prose, and memorable characters. His best-known works include the novels "Fathers and Sons" and "On the Eve", as well as the short-story collection "A Sportsman Sketches".

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