146 Ratings
Fantasy & SciFi
8H 22Min

New York Deep

Author: Andrew James Morgan Narrator: Greg Tremblay Audiobook

Deep below Manhattan, tunnel engineer Josh Reed leads his team as they excavate the East Side Access extending New York’s railway service. But sparks fly as the drill hits an unusual crystalline material—one Josh has never seen before. They push on, and Josh discovers something even more unexpected: a vast room, empty and lifeless—or so it seems.

When Josh finds out that the CIA is now looking for him, and that his coworkers have gone missing, he turns to his best friend and boss, Lionel Parker, for help. Together they unravel the mystery of the room, what’s inside it, and why the CIA is so desperate to keep them silent. It’s nothing they could ever have expected.

© 2017 Blackstone Publishing (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781538429761

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