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Plato’s Republic: The Myth of ER: An unconventional interpretation of the Universe in the first description of an out-of-body experience in Plato’s Republic

Author: George Charalampidis E-book

The Myth of Er is the epilogue of Plato’s Republic. It could be considered as an independent text that refers to the greatest philosophical question of all times.
"Where does our soul go when we die and where does it come from when we are born?"
Socrates in order to give an answer that would lead to a safe conclusion connects the journey of our soul to the function of our planetary system and tries to analyze the following sacramental but also scientific issues:
- What is the difference between a developed soul and a developed mind?
- Why is the cultivation of virtues necessary?
- Which are the three roads of Hades and their connection to the "Van Allen belts"?
- How are the penalties and rewards to our soul defined?
- Where is Tartarus?
- What does the spindle of necessity symbolize?
- How are space time and the "Cuiper belt" connected?
- What does the existence of Sirens and the three fates mean?
- What is the procedure our incarnation?
- What contract do we sign before we reincarnate on planet earth?
- Which is the role of free will?
- What does the mystery of the Dionysial theatre symbolize?
- What difference is there between reincarnation and metempsychosis?
- What is Socrates’ genius or our guardian angel?

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