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Rebel at Spruce High

Author: Daryl Banner Narrator: Cooper North, Chris Chambers Audiobook

Vann, the gorgeous, leather-jacket-clad new bad boy in school, just set his eyes on me.

I'm not really good at making friends. That's simply a fact. I'm happy enough if I can just get through the school day, avoid eye contact with anything that breathes, and make it home where my family can continue ignoring my existence and I can play video games in peace.

But then he crashes into my life like a tidal wave. The hot new senior at Spruce High. The bad boy everyone can't stop talking about. The one with the leather jacket, smoldering eyes, and cloud of danger following him. The one called Vann.

My whole life changes overnight. Now, I want different things. I want an end to my lonesomeness. I want to stand up to the jocks who keep pushing me around.

But most importantly, I want to know what Vann's lips taste like. And why he looks pained every time his dark eyes catch mine in class. And why he keeps paying attention to me when the rest of the town doesn't. And why every time I open my mouth to speak, my racing heart chokes me.

I don't know what's coming for me in my last year at Spruce High, but I sure hope I'm ready for it.

Contains mature themes.

© 2021 Tantor Audio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781666116243

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