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2H 38Min

Rough and Crumble

Author: Emma Ainsley Narrator: Rebecca Gibel Audiobook

Looks can be deceiving … when an accident is actually a murder.

Amateur sleuth and proud owner of Dogwood Donuts, Maggie Sharpe, was gearing up for the holidays and having just another normal day in charming southern Missouri, when an unfortunate accident occurred in front of her shop in the wee hours of the morning. When a bus full of elderly potential witnesses on their way to a Christmas event puts out a distress call, Maggie feels obligated to find some answers.

She discovers that what she thought was an accident was actually a murder, which makes things anything but jolly in Dogwood Mountain. Maggie dives right into investigating the strange event and just when she’s certain that she’s found all the answers she’d been looking for, information is uncovered that might just lead back to someone whom she’s invited into her life and her shop.

Dealing with a crime that hits way too close to home, especially during the holidays, wasn’t at all what Maggie had expected, but she’s determined to see it through so that she can enjoy the season and get back to making her Brownie Crumble donuts.

Will she solve the crime and save the day before it’s too late? Find out in this delicious holiday Cozy Mystery!

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