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Sir Elton

Author: Philip Norman Narrator: Peter Noble Audiobook

The definitive biography of the much-loved star Elton John
Elton John is one of the biggest stars in the world, a man whose extraordinary career has resulted in timeless songs and sold-out world tours. But how did the sensitive boy from Pinner, become such an iconic figure? Philip Norman's acclaimed biography paints a frank but sympathetic portrait, from Elton's rise to success to the attempted suicides, from football club chairman to flamboyant Versace shopaholic, and the extraordinary moment in Westminster Abbey when โ€˜Candle in the Wind' turned into a requiem for his friend Diana Princess of Wales. Covering the first five decades of Elton's life, setting him in the context of the changing music scene, this is a vivid, perceptive, superbly researched account of a musical legend.
"He's got me spot on" Elton John
"Norman writes like an angel, Sir Elton could talk the hind leg off a donkey, and anyone who can read will admire the intelligence, the detail and the robust good sense of this biography. It captures the flavour of the times every bit as distinctively as it captures the personality of Elton John" Sunday Telegraph
"This biography stands as a definitive insight into the life of the balding, bespectacled pub pianist who conquered the world" The Times

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