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Storm Force to Narvik

Author: Alexander Fullerton E-book

From a British author known for “superb” action sequences, a WWII navel thriller set during the German campaign against Scandinavia (The Observer).

Everard is returns in a new global conflict.

British Captain Nick Everard’s destroyer is crippled by Nazi gunfire in the German invasion of Norway. Nothing seems able to stop the advance across Europe and the Royal Navy is in a tight situation.
Desperately attempting to repair his ship hidden in a remote fjord, Everard is unaware that his son is part of an Allied naval flotilla converging on Norway, and the two are fated to join forces in a deadly arctic battle.
Moving into a new and explosive phase of Everard’s career, Storm Force to Narvik takes us deep into the action and danger of the Second World War. Praise for Alexander Fullerton: “Impeccable in detail and gripping in impact.” —Irish Independent
“The research is unimpeachable and the scent of battle quite overwhelming.” —Sunday Times

“Has the ring of truth and the integrity proper to a work of art.” —The Daily Telegraph

“The prose has a real sense of urgency, and so has the theme. The tension rarely slackens.” —Times Literary Supplement

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