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Summary of Tom Yarborough's Da Nang Diary

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 I was going to Vietnam as duty and honor demanded, to fulfill a military rite of passage and my trial by fire. But buying space in one of those caskets just couldnโ€™t be my destiny.

#2 As a young Air Force pilot, I was eager to get into combat before the war ended. I was certain that I would see my share of the fighting as a forward air controller.

#3 The final leg of my journey was a flight to Vietnam, which took place in a C-141 cargo plane. I was thinking about how the Air Force had trained me for the upcoming year-long immersion, and had they done a good job.

#4 The heat and humidity in Vietnam was a shock to me. I was also intimidated by the veteran Air Force officer who gave me the welcome briefing, as he had a striking resemblance to one of my childhood mythical heroes, Steve Canyon, the All-American comic-strip pilot.

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