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Author: Helen Scott, Ellabee Andrews Narrator: Tristan James, Stephanie Rose Audiobook

I was taught to fear the truth, a lesson my mother instilled in me from birth, but that was before. Before she disappeared without a trace and left me to navigate a world she taught me was dangerous, but never explained why.

I thought I could handle it alone, with only my best friend to share my secrets, but that was before them-before the men that plowed into my life and found a place for themselves.

They gave me everything-love, respect, but there was one thing I needed, that they didn't have. Answers.

Why was I taught to hide away? Why did I have to give up a life of riches for countless hours spent working a mine? And most importantly, what happened to the other Divine from the Zircon line?

Marcus said there were none left, but he didn't know what I did, that I was one. Still, that begged the question, was the source of my magic why I was hidden away? Was it the cause of awakening the dormant powers in those I grew close to? And finally, what was so wrong with it, that everyone like me was dead?

I didn't know the answer to any of those questions but finding myself exactly where my mother had always feared I'd end up, I have a feeling I'm going to find out.

Contains mature themes.

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