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Tarzan the Terrible: Edgar Rice Burroughs Authorized Library

Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs Narrator: Ben Dooley Audiobook

Driven by the single-minded purpose of tracking the missing Jane and her German abductor, Tarzan braves the forbidding wastes of the great barrier swamps to enter the primeval land of Pal-ul-don—an unforgiving world of tailed humanoids pitted in unrelenting war, where the fierce reptilian gryf stalks its prey.
As Jane battles to free herself from captivity in A-lur, the City of Light, and flees deeper into the deadly environs of the strange land, she must learn to hone her own jungle skills and emerge as a heroine in her own right...or succumb to the merciless perils of savage Pal-ul-don. Meanwhile, a fierce stranger follows Tarzan into the interior, bearing a rifle and bandoliers, bent on a mysterious quest.

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