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The Blooding of the Guns

Author: Alexander Fullerton E-book

“This excellent oil-powered sea story” set during the largest naval battle of WWI launches a series of military adventures featuring a family of sailors (Kirkus Reviews).

Jutland, 1916: In the icy waters of the North Sea, the Royal Navy awaits the challenge of the Kaiser's High Sea Fleet

Sub-lieutenant Nick Everard could never have imagined the terror he would face as his destroyer races to launch its torpedoes into the blazing guns of a horizon obscured by dreadnoughts.

But when the steering-gear on HMS Warspite jams, it is up to Nick, along with his brother, Hugh, to save thousands of lives. Praise for the Nick Everard naval thrillers: “A particularly rousing brand of naval fiction . . . Brimming with action, suspense, and authentic historical detail.” —Booklist

“Impeccable in detail and gripping in impact.” —Irish Independent
“The research is unimpeachable and the scent of battle quite overwhelming.” —Sunday Times

“Has the ring of truth and the integrity proper to a work of art.” —The Daily Telegraph

“The prose has a real sense of urgency, and so has the theme. The tension rarely slackens.” —Times Literary Supplement

“Fullerton again proves his talent for combining historical fact with rousing fiction. . . . [His] presentation of naval action, customs, traditions and life at sea shines with authenticity, and his portrayal of men under fire is breathtaking.” —Publishers Weekly

“A thoroughly likeable hero.” —Kirkus Reviews

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