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The Formidable Miss Cassidy

Author: Meihan Boey Narrator: Paula Masterton Audiobook and E-book

Co-Winner of the 2021 Epigram Books Fiction Prize

In 1890s Singapore, the formidable Miss Leda Cassidy arrives as paid companion to Sarah Jane Bendemeer, whose family suffers under the thrall of Southeast Asia's most terrifying hantu. But there's more to Miss Cassidy than meets the eye, and she's faced down worse in her life than a pontianak.

However, she may have met her match in the indefatigable businessman, Mr Kay Wing Tong, whose large and constantly-growing family clearly requires female supervision—especially of the particular kind Miss Cassidy can provide. Ill omens and strange happenings surround Mr Kay and his colourful family, and Miss Cassidy must find a way to defend the ones she has learned to love.

© 2021 by Meihan Boey. Published in paper format in Singapore by Epigram Books, recorded by Storyside 2022.

© 2022 Storyside (Audiobook) ISBN: 9789152198001 © 2021 Epigram Books (E-book) ISBN: 9789814901895

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