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The No Strings Theory

Author: Hayden Hall Narrator: Cooper North Audiobook

Dallas: Kai's nothing like I expected. The scrawny kid I once knew is gone, replaced by a nerdy, curious young man who crawls deep under my skin. The moment he enters my life, he disrupts everything. I shouldn't want my best friend's little brother. But I've never been great at resisting temptation.

What starts as messing around in secret, soon becomes a lot more serious. I'm gambling my friendship and risking more than I should. But I'm falling, and I'm falling hard.

Kai: I've had a crush on Dallas since I was old enough to crush. He's my oldest fantasy; he's also an obnoxious, insufferable, smug jock with the stupidest adorable dimples and a gorgeous . . . Uh . . . Where was I? Oh right, he never noticed me except when I was the punchline of his jokes.

He's also the very definition of a guy I shouldn't want. But Dallas and I have an agreement: no strings attached. That way, we get to have fun and nobody needs to know. No harm done, right?

Now I'm falling for him faster and harder than ever despite knowing what's at stake. The only way this ends is with a lost friendship and a broken heart. It's too late anyway. I'm in free fall already.

Contains mature themes.

© 2022 Tantor Audio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781666197440

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