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The Race to be Myself

Author: Caster Semenya E-book

Aged eighteen, Caster Semenya shot to fame on the global sporting stage for her blistering speed. But shrouding her monumental win were fierce rumours about her physical body rather than her phenomenal performance.
Called 'a threat to the sport' and 'not woman enough', she found herself at the centre of the debate around the newly drawn line between gender and sport. Throughout the intense speculation, harmful rumours and long legal battle she has remained quiet, letting her running do the talking until she was banned from competing and defending her Olympic title in 2020.
Now, Caster is ready to own her story and tell it in full. In this book, Caster speaks openly about growing up in a loving family and community that never regarded her as different, just Caster; of her early years understanding her agency, sexuality and athletic ability; and of her infectious spirit and tenacity to be the best.
Told with conviction and humour, The Race To Be Myselfis the story of a life lived in the spotlight, a manifesto for acceptance and change for all. This is the unforgettable story of one of the most recognisable athletes in the world, and of a woman's journey to run free.
'A story that makes us all interrogate our humanity and the world we build with our actions every day.' Trevor Noah

© 2023 Jonathan Ball (E-book) ISBN: 9781776192243

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