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The Torch Bearers

Author: Alexander Fullerton E-book

From a British author known for “superb” action sequences, a WWII navel thriller set during Allied invasion of North Africa in 1942 (The Observer).

Autumn 1942: Sir Nicholas Everard, Captain of HMS Harbinger, has a convoy to escort—big and slow, with just one destroyer, two corvettes, and a few trawlers to protect it. This will not be an easy mission.

Meanwhile, U-boat pack commander Max Looff can hardly believe his luck. His nerve is going and he knows it: but now he has a one-in-a-million chance to annihilate an entire convoy.

Little does Looff know, however, that Everard and his ships are bait: designed to distract the Germans from the real ‘Torch’ invasion forces. The game is on. Praise for the writing of Alexander Fullerton:
“Impeccable in detail and gripping in impact.” —Irish Independent

“The research is unimpeachable and the scent of battle quite overwhelming.” —The Sunday Times

“Has the ring of truth and the integrity proper to a work of art.” —The Daily Telegraph

“The prose has a real sense of urgency, and so has the theme. The tension rarely slackens.” —Times Literary Supplement

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