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The Two Stars Collision

Author: Hayden Hall Narrator: Cooper North Audiobook

Miles: Studies astrophysics? Check. Loves Star Wars? Check. Still a virgin at twenty-one with zero experience in real life? Double-check.

I didn't want any fanfare around my twenty-first birthday. But when a series of unfortunate accidents confirming Ramsey's rules of randomness takes place right in front of my eyes, I find myself dancing with the hottest, most popular jock on campus.

Liam makes me feel special. He makes this night one to remember. He becomes the very first boy I ever kissed. Except it's all a charade. He's just making his crazy ex-girlfriend crazier and I'm happy to play along. But when the door is closed and his ex isn't around to see us, are we still faking it?

Liam: Am I going through one helluva breakup? Yes I am. Am I coping with it by dancing with the first guy who accidentally pissed my ex off? You bet I am.

Hayley and I were supposed to spend our lives together. Well, that was the plan until she changed the plan. Oops, the nerd just kissed me; and you can bet your life I kissed him back. Now she knows what it feels like.

And I discover it feels way better than I expected.

Contains mature themes.

© 2022 Tantor Audio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781666189667

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