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6H 56Min

The Water is Wide

Author: Natalie Banks Narrator: Teri Barrington Audiobook

Sarah Avery had spent years carefully reconstructing her broken life back together, after her husband Thomas, the love of her life, had drowned fourteen years earlier. When suddenly she comes face to face with a man named Collin, who is Thomas's exact look-alike, on the streets of Wilmington, North Carolina, she convinces herself that he is, somehow, actually Thomas himself. Yet in response, he has no recognition of her or their life together. However, the attraction between the two of them is powerful and immediate. But, even as Sarah finds herself falling in love with Collin, she still is haunted by questions about his identity and the secret guilt she carries over Thomas's death. And little does she know that Collin holds some dark secrets of his own, secrets that threaten to destroy everything they have together. Will their love survive, or will these secrets ultimately tear them apart?

© 2018 Tantor Audio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781977380081

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