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The Way of the Leader: 25 Ideas for Leading Wisely in the Digital Age

Author: BH Tan Narrator: David Shih Audiobook

In the history of human progress, the most fruitful developments take place at the intersection of different lines of thoughts. The timeless topic of leadership has for centuries always been dominated by the ideas and philosophies of Western thinkers, business executives, and academics. For far too long, the voice from the East has been deafeningly silent. As Asia rises in the global economy, a question that begs an answer is, "What is the leadership tradition of the East and how will it play out globally?"

Leadership consultant BH Tan has written an outstanding exposition of the Asian perspective on leadership. He has drawn upon his deep appreciation of Daoist principles to propose a complementary approach to the Western-centric leadership mindset.

A lifelong student of Eastern and Western thinking and leadership, he challenges some of our most cherished truths and perspectives. "Either-or" is out. The "both-and" philosophy will lead us to a better future in this complex, chaotic, yet interconnected world. This is the essence of leadership paradoxes. When we integrate both streams of thinking, we transcend contradictions and tap into greater possibilities for progress and creativity. This can only help us lead more wisely and courageously.

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