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Tragic Magic

Author: MC Steve Narrator: MC Steve Audiobook

In a world turned upside down by enchantment, is magic always a bad thing?
Plucky young Zombie Alex finds herself in another adventure after reuniting with good-natured friend Steve. They are accompanied by the mysterious Antonio, another human turned zombie in their mission to save the Overworld.
Fighting zombies all the way, Alex finds time to teach Steve and Antonio some of the magic she picked up from the time she spent with her friend the witch and an evil wizard who had captured her. Steve shrugs off the magic lessons, wondering if magic could possibly be a good thing. Antonio however, takes a keen interest in learning the spells and picks up Alex’s lessons quickly.After a harsh battle with even more zombies, Antonio seems to have disappeared.
Worried that he is in harm’s way, Alex goes back to try to locate him, only to face a new and daunting surprise. Why is Antonio so enamored with magic? Can magic only be a bad thing? Will Steven and Alex ever meet again? Time will tell when you listen to “Tragic Magic.”Tragic Magic is an endearing children’s audiobook that will have any child jumping for joy as they listen.

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