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Part 3 of 3
Teens & Young Adult
7H 32Min

Vampire Court 3: Books 9-11

Author: Ingrid Seymour Narrator: Kasi Hollowell Audiobook

The epic conclusion to Vampire Court.

Bianca feels lonelier than ever.

Nyro has betrayed her, used her. She hoped he would be her ally, but instead, she discovered Nyro is her enemy, fighting against everything sheโ€™s been trying to accomplish. Now, she must continue on her own, even if her fate leads her to a bitter end.

Nyro was wrong about Bianca.

He wanted to ask for forgiveness and explain everything, but what he discovers about the woman he loves tears him to pieces. Now, he has no choice but to fight against her, even if it means joining the Black King.

Chaos reigns in Acedrex. Bianca and Nyro fight on opposite sides of an epic battle. She fights for revenge. He fights to free his brother. Yet, the citizens of Acedrex may pay the price.

Immerse yourself in Vampire Court, an addicting fantasy series by USA Today Bestselling Author Ingrid Seymour.

It includes White Queen, Black Queen, and Checkmate.

© 2021 Ingrid Seymour (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781662295317