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Vanity Fair: October 2014 Issue

Author: Vanity Fair Narrator: Various Narrators, Graydon Carter Audiobook

Vanity Fair is a cultural filter, sparking the global conversation about the people and ideas that matter most. With a dedication to journalistic excellence and powerful storytelling, Vanity Fair is the first choice—often the only choice—for the world’s most influential and important audience. From print to social media, the big screen to the smartphone and now on audio, VanityFair is the arbiter of our era.

This month’s issue features:

The 20th Anniversary of the New Establishment: Walter Isaacson on twenty years of wild disruption

RobertDowney Jr.: The greatest third act in Hollywood history

Jackie after Jack: An adaptation from a new book chronicles the year that followed J.F.K.’s assassination

Investigation: The deadly path of the worst Ebola epidemic in history

Special Report: What Air France Flight 447 reveals about modern aviation safety

Plus: Michael Kinsley on Obamacare

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