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Yorick and Bones: Friends by Any Other Name

Author: Jeremy Tankard, Hermione Tankard Narrator: Justine Eyre, Maxwell Glick, Joel Froomkin, Morag Sims, Gary Furlong, Shiromi Arserio, Alister Austin Audiobook

Hey-ho, hey-ho! Father-daughter duo Jeremy and Hermione Tankard are thrilled to deliver the second book in this heartfelt, “humerus” series! This is a full-cast audio adaptation of the graphic novel from authors Jeremy and Hermione Tankard, performed by Gary Furlong, Maxwell Glick, Joel Froomkin, Morag Sims, Shiromi Arserio, Justine Eyre, and Alister Austin, and featuring a full sound design!

Yorick and his trusty canine companion Bones hath returned, and they are cordially invited to a costume party!

But when Yorick arrives and meets a new friend, he isn’t sure whether she likes the real him or just who he is in disguise.

Do clothes really make the skeleton? Can Yorick ever be the same fun-loving jester he once was, if it means pretending to be something he’s not?

Yorick will need help from some friendly faces to get to the bottom of these big questions. But will the answers make for a comedy or a tragedy?

© 2021 Quill Tree Books (Audiobook) ISBN: 9780063081970

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