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Welcome to Storytel!

These terms of use are important and regulate the relationship between yourself and Storytel and as such affect your legal rights and obligations. So please, before you enter the wonderful world of Storytel, take a moment and read these terms carefully.


Storytel (hereinafter “Storytel”, “us”, “our” or “we”) offers a subscription service with personalized features (the “Service”) that allows you (hereinafter and interchangeably “You” or the “Subscriber”) to access audiobooks, ebooks and other literary content (the “Content”) streamed over the Internet to Your mobile phone or to another compatible internet accessible device. By signing up for an account, a Free Trial and/or a subscription plan with Storytel, by purchasing and/or cashing in a Gift Card, by downloading, accessing and/or using the Storytel app or the Storytel website, using an addon service or product provided by Storytel or otherwise by accessing or using the Content, or any of the Service’s features or functionalities provided by Storytel as the case may be, You are entering into a binding agreement with Storytel and agree to and accept to abide by these Terms of Use. You also thereby acknowledge and agree to Storytel processing Your personal data in accordance with the Storytel Privacy Policy.

These Terms of Use describe the conditions upon which the Service is available to You and supersede prior terms and conditions previously agreed upon. Agreeing to them is a requirement for Your access to and use of the Service. By accepting them You agree and accept that Storytel may terminate this agreement or suspend Your access to the Service at any time and without prior notice if You fail to comply with any provision hereof. If You do not agree to the Terms (as defined below) You may not use the Service neither access or consume any Content provided by Storytel.

Additionally, supplemental terms of use may apply to some parts of Service e.g. regarding rules for a particular competition, additional terms and conditions for add-on services or other activities, or for certain additional content, regarding separate subscription plans, products or software accessible through the Service. If supplemental terms and conditions are required, they will be disclosed to You in connection with the relevant activities or products. Any supplemental terms and conditions provided by Storytel are an addition to these Terms of Use, and will, in the event of a conflict, prevail over these Terms of Use.

These Terms of Use, the Storytel Privacy Policy and any additional and/or supplemental terms and conditions from Storytel are hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Terms”.

1. Age Limit and Account Eligibility

To be eligible to enter into the Terms and set up an account or enter into a subscription plan with Storytel You must
  • be at least eighteen (18) years old and/or otherwise have authorization and legal power to enter into this agreement by law in the country where the Service is made available to You;
  • be a resident of the country in which the Service is made available to You; and
  • agree to be bound by the Terms.
You must also provide Storytel with correct information about Yourself when registering an account with us and provide correct contact details and a valid method of payment. Agreeing to the Terms and providing such information is a requirement for Your access to and use of the Service. If You do not agree to the Terms You may neither use the Service or its functions and functionalities nor consume any Content provided in the Service.

2. The Service

Storytel provides a personalized digital subscription service through which You as a Subscriber can stream and/or temporarily download audiobooks, ebooks and other literary content to Your mobile phone or via other internet accessible devices accessed via the Storytel app or any other Storytel preinstalled software. Additionally, the Service includes personalized recommendations, messages, and features developed and modified specifically for You to enhance Your user experience. Storytel may also from time to time offer access to different kinds of social media forums, which may or may not be open to the public, in order to further enhance and enrich Your user experience. Unless otherwise agreed in any supplemental terms or under a subscription plan offered to You by Storytel to which You have agreed, the Service, as described above, may only be used for Your noncommercial personal use in accordance with the Terms.
In order to use the Service, You must use a an internet-connected device compatible with Storytel’s technical requirements or one of Storytel’s business partner platforms onto which Storytel’s application is installed and provide us or our business partner with Your choice of the payment methods accepted by Storytel and as applicable from time to time. For a full and updated list of the technical requirements for using the Service, a complete list of Storytel’s business partners and a list of the currently accepted payment methods please visit Storytel’s website. Storytel reserves the right however to modify technical requirements for the use of the Service and to change, add or remove business partners and payment methods from time to time. Storytel will use its best efforts to notify You, via email or via push notification from within the Service, of any modifications which may limit Your technical ability to use the Service. Such notification will be sent no later than thirty (30) days prior to the entry into force of such modification. Storytel reserves the right, at any time, to add or remove a business partner and payment solution without any prior notification to You.

3. Subscription plans

Storytel reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to offer the Service through different kinds of subscription plans, which could mean and include but not be limited to: promotional plans, plans provided by (or bundled with) third parties, plans based on the number of offered simultaneous streams, or plans based on limitations in the Content provided.
Storytel reserves the right, at its own discretion, to add new plans, remove existing plans or to change any features or functionalities of such subscription plans from time to time. Where such change materially affects an existing subscription plan to the detriment of a Subscriber, the Subscriber will be informed thereof and have the possibility to terminate the Service in accordance with section 11 in these Terms of Use.
The number of simultaneous streams offered under a subscription plan will depend on the type of subscription plan that You have signed up to and will be stipulated in more detail in the supplemental terms and conditions separately accepted.
Please see the Storytel website for updated information on prices and any type of subscription plan offered from time to time in your country of residence. Here You will also find a presentation of the currently available subscription plan(s) and their corresponding supplemental terms (including any specific limitations) to which You, in order to access such plan, have to agree separately.
Information about Your current subscription plan is available by accessing Your account on the Storytel website (i.e. by logging into Your Storytel account with Your username and password and by navigating to “my pages”).
In the event that more than one subscription plan is offered for You to choose from, You may change Your current subscription plan to another subscription plan currently offered by Storytel in Your country of residence. However, any such change may take effect from the day that the change was registered and last until after Your next recurring payment date before a new change may be registered for the same account. Your original payment cycle of thirty (30) days will not be altered by a change between different subscription plans. You can easily review, manage or change Your account details and subscription plan by accessing Your account (i.e. by logging into Your Storytel account with Your username and password and by navigating to “my pages”).

4. Content Filters

Any pre-installed Content filters, such as e.g. “kids’ mode” or other similar filter functions that may be offered from time to time, are offered to a user as an optional function. The metadata for each title in the Content that Storytel relies on regarding e.g. age limits and identification of literary genres is provided by Storytel’s publishing business partners. Storytel therefore takes no responsibility for, and does not warrant that, You will find the filters based on such metadata completely to Your personal satisfaction. Furthermore, Storytel can not in any way guarantee that such filters are completely accurate or that they with complete certainty have filtered all non-relevant Content in accordance with what has been intended. If a filter does not work to Your satisfaction, please discontinue any use of the filter immediately and let us know how we may improve the filter and the Service to better meet Your expectations by contacting Storytel via the Storytel website. Storytel welcomes any feedback regarding Content that You find inappropriate or unsuitable in light of the filters used or that you otherwise suspect may contain infringing or otherwise unlawful features. Storytel depends on Your feedback so that we may improve our filters and our Service over time.
If and where a pre-installed “kids’ mode” filter is offered to You as a Subscriber of the Service, the settings of such filter have been made based on the metadata to allow only such Content that is deemed by its publisher as suitable for children aged twelve (12) years old or younger. This means that the Content made available in "Kids’ mode" may include any and all books and genres in the Storytel content catalogue intended for kids of all ages within this age group. Storytel can not in any way guarantee that the filter is completely accurate or that it with complete certainty have filtered all non-relevant Content in accordance with what has been intended.

5. Free Trial

Your Subscription may start with a free trial period (“Free Trial”) of the Service. The Free Trial lasts fourteen (14) days, or as otherwise specified when You sign up, and is intended as a way to allow users to try the Service.
When You sign up for a Free Trial, You acknowledge and agree that You will automatically be transferred to a monthly subscription plan at the end of the Free Trial, unless You terminate Your subscription of the Service prior to the last day of the Free Trial, in which case You will not be charged, and Your subscription will be cancelled.
If a Free Trial is offered to You, it is Storytel’s intention to offer such Free Trial once. Thus, a user who has already activated any type of Free Trial offer may be blocked from using additional Free Trials. Free Trial eligibility is determined by Storytel at its sole discretion and Storytel may limit the eligibility to prevent Free Trial abuse and/or a breach of the Terms. Storytel reserves the right to revoke or terminate a Free Trial if Storytel, in its sole discretion, determines that a user is not eligible. The user may not combine the Free Trial offer with other offers.

6. Prices and Payments

Storytel cooperates with third party payment service providers through which all Your payments will be made before settled with Storytel.
Subscriptions are paid monthly in advance until the subscription is terminated. As regards the timing of the monthly payments, You will be charged once every thirty (30) days, commencing on the date when You activate Your subscription, or in the case where the subscription has started with a Free Trial from the date of the expiry of such Free Trial unless the subscription has been terminated by You or Storytel before such time. In some cases, the date on which You will be charged will change, for example, if it is not possible to confirm the date of validity of information regarding Your chosen payment method such as eg. Your credit card details.
Prices are displayed on the Storytel website. All prices include Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods and Services Tax (GST), as applicable in your country of residence. Payment can be made by credit/debit card or by such other payment method (including but not limited to in-app payments) that Storytel at any given time may inform You of. As regards credit cards, please be informed that Storytel may refuse or block credit cards which are not issued in the country in which the Service is offered to You. Storytel also reserves the right at any time and at its own discretion to deny certain types of credit cards.
Prices may vary depending on type of payment method used. If prices vary, Storytel will communicate this on the Storytel website in connection to the general information on prices. Further, prices do not include any data communication costs or fees which Your internet or telecommunication service provider may claim under Your contract with such service provider.
In the event of default of or a delayed payment, Storytel reserves the right to suspend or terminate Your access to the Service. If this should occur, please log in to the Storytel website with Your username and password and re-activate Your subscription from within Your Storytel account under the ‘My Pages’ section. In the event of a delayed payment Storytel is however entitled to charge You reasonable penalty interest, reminder fees, and where applicable, statutory debt collection fees.

7. Gift Cards

Storytel may offer different types of Gift Cards. Some Gift Cards may be product specific, which means that such a Gift Card is connected to a specific subscription plan, as determined by the buyer at time of its purchase. Any such a Gift Card can only be used in accordance with the terms applicable to such plan.
When You sign up as a Subscriber with a Storytel Gift Card You agree to and accept the Terms the same way a paying subscriber of the Service does, less the payment provisions herein.
As a Storytel Gift Card user You will be provided full access to the Service in accordance with the relevant subscription plan during the full period of the Gift Card. Upon the expiry of the Gift Card, the Service will be automatically terminated unless You actively sign up as a paying subscriber or redeem a new Storytel Gift Card. However, if You activate a Storytel Gift Card when You are already a subscriber of the Service, Storytel will temporarily suspend the requirement for payment of the Service until the expiry of the Gift Card, upon which time You will be automatically transferred back as a paying customer of the Service and resume the monthly subscription payment plan. If, in such case, the Gift Card You activated regarded a different subscription plan than the one You were originally subscribing to, You will automatically be transferred back to your most previously used subscription plan. However, if such subscription plan is based on a product specific gift card you will be automatically transferred back to your most previously used recurring subscription plan based on a payment method not using a Gift Card.

8. Intellectual Property Rights

The Service is our copyrighted property and contains the copyrighted property of our licensors or licensees, and all trademarks, service marks, trade names, trade dress and other intellectual property rights in the Service or in the Content available to You from within the Service are owned by us or our licensors or licensees or any affiliated companies. Except as we specifically agree in writing, no element of the Service or its content may be used or exploited in any way other than as part of Service offered to You under the Terms. You may own the physical device on which elements of the Service are delivered to You, but we retain full and complete ownership of the Service and all the intellectual property rights vested therein. We do not transfer rights or title to any portion of the Service to You nor do we transfer any rights or title to any portion of the content made available from within the Service to You. Nothing provided by any brand owned or licensed by Storytel should be construed as granting, by implication or otherwise, any license or right of use of any trademark displayed on or within the Service to You.

9. Content and Software License

The Content offered to You via the Service may vary from time to time and between the different countries and regions where the Service is available. The Content may also vary depending on Your location when You access the Service. Storytel makes no representation that the Service or the content accessible through the Service will be available for use in any other country than Your residing country in which the Service is made available to You. For information on the content currently available in Your country, please visit the Storytel website. Please be informed that Storytel is under no obligation to notify You of any changes in the Content offered.
The Service is configured to enable the use of the Service software, its content, virtual items or other materials owned or licensed by us. We hereby grant You a limited, revocable, nonexclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable license to access and use the Service software, its content, virtual items or other material for Your personal, non-commercial use only.
You acknowledge, warrant and agree that You, or anyone to whom You allow access to the Service via Your account, will not copy, reproduce, duplicate, modify, create derivative works from, display, publish, distribute, disseminate, broadcast, transmit, sell, rent, lease, lend, sub-license or circulate or otherwise exploit for any purpose (commercial or otherwise) any material and/or part of or all of the Service to any third party (including, without limitation, the display and distribution of the material via a third party website) without the express prior written consent of Storytel or except as otherwise expressly permitted under applicable mandatory law.
You also acknowledge, warrant and agree that You, or anyone to whom You allow access to the Service via Your account, will not; (1) redistribute, circumvent or disable any content protection system or digital rights management technology used in the Service; (2) decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise reduce any Service to a humanreadable form; (3) remove any identification, copyright or other proprietary notices; or (4) access or use the Service in an unlawful or unauthorized manner or in a manner that suggests an association with our products, services or brands.
This section 9 also applies to everyone who has access to the Service.

10. Third party content and links

The appearance of external hyperlinks and/or other elements generated by third parties accessible from the Service, our website and any forums provided by Storytel both inside and outside of the Service does not constitute endorsement by Storytel and/or its affiliated companies of the opinions or views expressed by such third parties’ on or outside of their websites/social media platforms. Storytel does not verify, endorse or take responsibility for the accuracy, currency, completeness or quality of the content contained on these third parties’ sites. Furthermore, Storytel is not responsible for the quality of or delivery of any products or services offered, accessed, obtained by or advertised at such third parties’ sites/social media platforms. As such, Storytel will not be responsible for content provided on any third-party website/social media platform, and further Storytel will under no circumstances be liable for any direct or indirect loss or other damage, whether arising from negligence, breach of contract, defamation, infringement of copyright or other intellectual property rights, caused by the exhibition, distribution or exploitation of any information or content contained within these third party hyperlinked websites/social media platforms.
The Service may integrate, be integrated into, or be provided in connection with third-party services and content. Storytel does not control those third-party services nor its content. You should carefully read any agreement or terms of use and privacy policies presented to You that apply to such third-party services and/or content.

11. Duration and termination

As soon as You have registered an account with Storytel and signed up to become a monthly subscriber under a Subscription plan or to try a Free Trial offer Your subscription with Storytel will continue from month to month until terminated by You or by Storytel. Unless You cancel Your subscription You therefore authorize us to charge You the next month’s subscription fee in accordance with the Terms and from the payment method that You have chosen and registered with Storytel when You signed up for the Service, or otherwise as per Your later instruction to us.
To terminate the Service before a new month is added to Your subscription term, You must terminate the Service no later than the day before a new monthly period begins, otherwise the subscription continues, and You are charged for another month before it is terminated.
To unsubscribe, please turn to the Storytel website and login. Click on “My Pages” and “My Account”, select the option Unsubscribe and follow the instructions. You can also cancel the Service by contacting Storytel by other means.
In addition to Storytel’s termination rights in sections 5.3 and 6.5 or elsewhere in the Terms, Storytel has the right to terminate or restrict Your use of the Service with immediate effect if Storytel has reasons to suspect that You (or anyone whom You have allowed access to the Service) have violated the Terms or any applicable laws, rules and regulations. This also applies if You are otherwise using the Service in a fraudulent way or a way that may cause damage to Storytel or any third party.

12. Storytel’s rights and responsibilities

As part of providing the Service, Storytel may contact You by mail, telephone, SMS, MMS, e-mail or directly via the Service for the purpose of communicating regarding the functionalities (including sending reminders about credit card expiration dates) and the Content of the Service. Where applicable Storytel may also, with your consent, contact You by mail, telephone, SMS, MMS, e-mail or directly via the Service regarding promotions or similar activities, products and events that are related to the Service.
If You have separately agreed and accepted thereto, Storytel may also contact You via any other means of communication e.g. via third party social media platforms.
All communication between Storytel and the Subscriber shall be in accordance with Storytel’s privacy policy.
Storytel is not liable for any disruption to mobile networks or in the service of internet providers.
The Service is available around the clock, seven (7) days a week. However, Storytel provides no guarantee that the Service will always be free of errors or interruptions. If there are any faults or interruptions affecting the Service, Storytel will be given the opportunity to correct these without there being a breach of contract, i.e. of the Terms. Storytel also has the right, within reason, to close the Service, for example, for carrying out upgrades and maintenance.
Storytel has the right, fully or partly, to transfer its rights and obligations under the Terms to third parties. Storytel also has the right to engage subcontractors to carry out its obligations under the Terms. Any such changes which may affect the processing of Your personal data shall be handled in accordance with the Storytel Privacy Policy.
Storytel may, at its own discretion, make changes in the Terms. When Storytel makes material changes to the Terms this will be communicated to You e.g. by displaying a notice in the Service or by sending You an e-mail, SMS or a push notification via the Service no later than thirty (30) days before the changes take effect. In some cases we will ask for Your explicit consent and in some cases we will notify You in advance and Your continued use of the Service will constitute Your acceptance of the changes. It is therefore important that You read any notice or message from us carefully. If at any time You wish to discontinue using the Service due to such updates or changes in the Terms You may terminate Your subscription at any time by following the instructions set out in section 11 of these Terms of Use.

13. The Subscriber’s rights and responsibilities

Unless otherwise follows from any applicable supplemental terms, the Subscriber may listen to audiobooks, read ebooks and use the Content in the Service for the Subscriber’s private non-commercial use only. Users of the Service may e.g. not play audiobooks for an audience or in a public place. Your account details (including but not limited to login details) are personal and they may not be shared with others.
The Subscriber undertakes not to circumvent or to attempt to circumvent the technical or other limitations in place to prevent copying of the Content in the Service and to not copy, either in whole or in part, audiobooks, ebooks or other content in the Service, even for private use.
You acknowledge and agree that Your access to and use of the Service shall comply with the Terms. You also acknowledge and agree the same for everyone whom You allow access to the Service via Your account. Access to any other user may only be granted by You in accordance with the Terms.
If You are offline from the Service for a period of thirty (30) days or more and have temporarily downloaded content into the app, Storytel may require You to go online to ensure that You still have an active subscription of the Service and to update the Content in the Service. If You refuse to do so Storytel reserves the right to suspend any further use of the Service until You have verified that You have an active subscription with Storytel. If no such subscription is verified Storytel may, at its own discretion, continue to suspend the Service or to terminate Your account.
You are responsible for ensuring that the information provided at registration is correct and that any personal data provided to Storytel, including Your e-mail address, is correct. You are responsible for informing Storytel of any change in the data provided, especially to Your e-mail address. Any e-mail that Storytel sends to Your e-mail address shall be deemed to have been received by You within two (2) days of the e-mail being sent.
You are responsible for maintaining control over Your account, to prevent undue access to the Service and undertakes not to reveal Your password or any other personalized details associated with Your account for as long as You subscribe to the Service.
In any reviews of audiobooks, ebooks or other literary content that the Subscriber writes, the Subscriber is responsible for ensuring that the Subscriber’s opinions are expressed in accordance with applicable laws and with respect to others and that the Subscriber does not use words or phrases that may be perceived as discriminatory or unnecessarily offensive or objectionable in forums that may be associated with Storytel. It is furthermore the Subscriber’s responsibility to ensure that the Subscriber does not post, use or share intellectual property belonging to a third party or post, use or share content or comments that is or may likely be interpreted as illegal, e.g. defamatory content, materials portraying or suggesting sexual abuse, online hate comments, or any other content or comments that would be contrary to applicable laws in your country of residence.
The Subscriber has no right to transfer his/her rights and obligations under the Terms, unless the Subscriber has Storytel’s written consent to do so.
The Subscriber must not use the Service in any way that causes, or is likely to cause, the Service to be interrupted, damaged or impaired in any way. You understand that You, and not Storytel, is responsible for all electronic communications and content sent from Your device to us and You must use the Service, Your device and our website and any forums provided by Storytel both inside and outside of the Service appropriately and for lawful purposes only. Subsequently You agree not to use our website for any fraudulent purposes, or in connection with a criminal offense or other unlawful activity or to send to send, use or reuse any material that does not belong to You; or is illegal, offensive (including but not limited to material that is sexually explicit content or which promotes racism, hatred or physical harm), deceptive, misleading, abusive, indecent, harassing, defamatory, libelous, obscene, pornographic, or is in breach of copyright, trademark, confidentiality, privacy or any other proprietary information or right; is otherwise injurious to third parties and/or contrary to applicable laws in your country of residence.
In the event that the Service, or parts thereof, is incorrect or faulty, You are urged to contact Storytel by way of the contact form on the Storytel website, from the email address registered to Your account or by using any other means to inform us or to lodge a complaint.
The Subscriber acknowledges that the Service includes Content not appropriate or suitable for minors. You therefore agree, regardless of whether or not You have chosen to use a Content filter (such as e.g. the kids’ mode filter), not to let minors access the Service unless they are under Your supervision.

14. Contracting party

The Service is provided and made available to You under the Terms by Storytel Pte. Ltd., a limited liability company incorporated in Singapore with corporate identity number 201842070G and corporate address 36 Robinson Road #02-01, City House Singapore 068877. To contact us or our customer service department, please send an e-mail to

15. Miscellaneous

The Service is provided to You solely for the non-commercial purpose of consuming entertainment, information and other similar purposes.
The Terms shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore, excluding its conflict of laws principles.
In case of a dispute between Storytel and the Subscriber, the parties should first attempt to resolve the dispute by agreement. If the parties cannot agree, the dispute may be referred to mediation by the Consumers Association of Singapore, 170 Ghim Moh Road #05-01 Ulu Pandan Community Building Singapore 279621, Otherwise, the dispute shall be settled by the court of law in Singapore.
If You are dissatisfied with the Service, the content available on it, or with the Terms, Your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue accessing or using the Service.
To find more information about the Service or if You need assistance with any feature or with Your account please contact

Last reviewed 2 November 2018

Storytel Pte. Ltd.
22 Cross Street
Singapore 048421


1. General

Storytel is an internet based digital subscription service that gives you (hereinafter “You” or the “User”) access to the Storytel website, audiobooks, ebooks and other literary content in Your mobile phone, on Your tablet or other devices (the “Service”) pursuant to the Terms of Use, this Privacy Policy and any supplemental terms and Conditions which may govern Your use of a specific Subscription plan for Storytel (the “Terms”). The Service is provided by Storytel Pte. Ltd., with corporate identity number 201842070G, (hereinafter ”Storytel” or “we”).
This privacy policy explains Storytel’s practices regarding its collection, storing, use and disclosure of certain information, including Your personal data in connection with our provision of the Service to You. This privacy policy also regards persons who visit our website or download and use our application. It serves to inform You about our processing of Your personal data and ensure You that Your personal data is treated with respect and in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation when using the Service.
You should always feel safe when sharing Your personal data with Storytel. Storytel has taken the technical and organizational security measures that are appropriate to ensure that Your personal data is protected from in particular unauthorized access or disclosure, use, modification, destruction and loss. If You are not comfortable with the content in this Privacy Policy You may always refrain from using the Service.

2. Personal Data Controller

Storytel Sweden AB and Storytel Pte. Ltd. are the data controllers for the processing of Your personal data handled by Storytel. You may contact either entity regarding for example integrity and privacy. Information on how to contact us can be found in section 14.

3. When and from where does storytel collect personal data?

Storytel collects personal data about You when:
  • You set up an account with Storytel and/or use the Service,
  • You order an add-on service or a product from Storytel,
  • You install and/or use any application included in the Service with our without an underlying subscription plan,
  • You visit the website,
  • You register as a subscriber of Storytel’s newsletter,
  • You report errors, infringing or otherwise inappropriate material or contact Storytel’s customer services for any other reason,
  • You link the Service to Your Facebook account or a similar third-party service, e.g. to facilitate login to the Service, in which case we receive data from such third-party service,
  • You answer a survey, including but not limited to customer satisfaction questionnaires or marketing surveys or reply to communication from Storytel, or
  • It is otherwise necessary to manage the relationship between You and Storytel.
Storytel also collects information through our own or third-party cookies and similar tracking technologies (including but not limited to beacons, tags and pixels) that may track Your activities and choices, i.e. when You download our application, use the Service or visit our website. This is for instance for the purposes of facilitating log in, remembering Your preferred settings, sending You tailored marketing and measuring successfulness of advertising. Further information about Storytel’s use of cookies is stated in Storytel’s cookie policy found on the Storytel website.

4. What personal data does Storytel collect?

When You set up an account with Storytel or contact Storytel’s customer services, Storytel collects personal data about You. Basic user data that Storytel collects includes Your contact details such as name and/or user name, e-mail address and/or phone number and Your payment details such as your credit card type and expiration date of such card. Storytel may also collect data regarding Your date of birth, gender and additional contact details such as Your address. Storytel may also collect personal data that You provide about Your family members (including Your family members’ names, e-mails, dates of birth and their interests). If You choose to provide such personal data, You are responsible for having the right to do so with their consent and You should also inform them about our processing activities.
When You use the Service or any additional Storytel services and products, and visit Storytel’s website and app, Storytel may also collect data concerning usage (such as choices of titles and search queries), viewing information (such as content viewed) and technical data (such as unique platform IDs, phone and platform versions, device IP address, Storytel app version, language settings, URL information, password (encrypted), cookie data and browser type). If, when You signed up as a customer with Storytel You signed up as an invoice customer, Storytel may also need to collect and process some of the information You provide to Storytel’s payment service provider to facilitate such invoicing.
If You choose to link the Service to Facebook or a similar third-party service that controls personal data, Storytel may collect and process personal data which You have given Facebook, or such other third-party, permission to share with Storytel. Storytel encourages You to inform yourself of such third parties' privacy practices.
Further Storytel may also collect and process personal data that You provide in public forums on Storytel’s website or to Storytel when You use Storytel’s website, Storytel’s sites on third-party platforms such as application stores, social networking sites or link Your profile on a third-party site or platform with Your personal account.
Storytel may also collect and process certain personal data related to Your eligibility to use the Service and Your chosen method of payment. However, as Storytel cooperates with third party payment service providers who operate independently in systems separated from Storytel, no complete payment data, such as complete credit card numbers, will be stored by Storytel. Storytel encourages You to inform yourself of such third party payment providers' privacy practices.

5. For how long is the Data kept?

Storytel will keep Your personal data only as long as it is necessary with regard to the purpose of the respective processing activity.
This means that personal data collected and processed for marketing purposes will be stored for as long as You are a Subscriber and for twelve (12) months after Your subscription has ended unless You have given Storytel Your consent to continue to process such data.
In order to fulfill our contractual obligations, monitor and document usage of Gift Cards and Free Trial periods and other add-on services, we will store the personal data You have provided at sign up (such as Your name and/or user name, e-mail address and/or phone number and payment details) as long as You are a Subscriber, Gift Card user or Free Trial user and for a period of twenty-four (24) months after Your subscription, Your purchase of a Gift Card, or Your use of Gift Card or Free Trial has ended whichever is the latest.
We will keep Your personal Storytel audiobook/ebook library information as long as You are a Subscriber and for a period of twenty-four (24) months thereafter in order to facilitate and improve Your experience, should You wish to return as a Subscriber within the aforementioned time period.
When You contact Storytel to receive support or for other purposes we will store Your personal data for twenty-four (24) months after resolving Your latest support ticket (e.g. issues and requests).
Your Personal data is processed for analytical purposes during Your subscription period and for twenty-four (24) months thereafter.
Storytel may store personal data for a longer time than the aforementioned times if required by law or in order to establish, exercise or defend a right in a legal claim.
Storytel will cease to retain personal data, or remove the means by which the data can be associated with You, as soon as it is reasonable to assume that retention no longer serves the purpose for which the personal data was collected and is no longer necessary for legal or business purposes.

6. Where is the personal Data stored?

Your personal data is stored on servers located in the country where the Contracting Party (as defined in the Terms of use) is established. Personal data is also stored in Sweden, where Storytel's main establishment is located. For international transfers, Storytel applies security measures as described below in 10.5.

7. Why does Storytel process your personal data?

Storytel processes Your personal data for various purposes. Primarily, Storytel processes Your personal data in order to manage the customer relationship with You and to fulfill its legal obligations. Your personal data may also be processed for market and customer analysis, market research, statistics, business monitoring and business and methodological development for Storytel in order to develop and customize the Service and its features.
Storytel also processes Your personal data to provide better and more personalized offers and services. Storytel also processes Your personal data to decrease the risk of sending You irrelevant advertising or other types of irrelevant marketing . Personal data may, for example, be processed, linked, segmented and analyzed in order, by means of targeted marketing via for instance email, in app push notifications and advertising on third party channels, to provide information, offers or recommendations on Storytel’s or its partners’ goods and services, which are tailored to Your preferences, behavior, needs or lifestyle. It may also be used as a basis for targeted marketing towards audiences that are similar to Storytel’s existing users. This may e.g. include processing of personal data for the purpose of creating custom audiences on third party platforms such as Facebook and Google. Storytel may also analyze and combine the information about You to which Storytel has access via the Service from Your online visits or other records (e.g. Facebook or other similar social media providers) for purposes specified in this section.
In addition to the above, Storytel processes Your personal data to prevent, detect and investigate potential prohibited or illegal activities, including fraud, and to enforce our Terms (e.g. determining whether You are eligible for a Free Trial period or for any other offer or marketing campaign as the case may be).

8. What is the legal basis for the processing?

A majority of the personal data that Storytel processes about You are processed because it is necessary for Storytel’s performance of the Terms, i.e. in order for Storytel to be able to provide and administer the Service and its features. Such is the case when Storytel processes e.g. Your contact details such as Your e-mail address or Your phone number and information from the payment service provider.
Some of the personal data which Storytel processes are processed based on a balance of interest, i.e. Storytel’s legitimate interest of processing the data outweighs the impact and risk the processing may have on Your integrity. Such is the case when Storytel processes Your personal data for support purposes (e.g. general support requests) or certain marketing purposes other than for direct marketing and when we store Your Storytel audio/ebook (including other literary content) library information after Your subscription has ended.
Additionally, some personal data is processed based on Your consent. This is the case for the processing of such personal data that Storytel gets access to via Your Facebook account, for direct marketing of Storytel’s or Storytel’s partners’ goods and services. If You provide personal data of other natural persons, such as Your family members, You are responsible for seeing to that they consent to the processing of their personal data.
To the extent that processing is carried out with consent as a sole legal basis, it is voluntary for You to give such a consent and You may at any time, wholly or partly, withdraw Your consent.

9. Data security and Integrity

The security, integrity and confidentiality of Your personal data is very important to us. We have implemented technical, administrative and physical security measures that are designed to protect Your personal data from in particular unauthorized access or disclosure, use, modification, destruction and loss. From time to time, we review our security procedures in order to assess the need to implement additional measures or to make technical upgrades to existing procedures. Please be aware that, despite our best efforts, few security measures are impenetrable, and we therefore kindly ask that You inform us immediately of any suspicious activities that You notice in the Service.

10. Who does Storytel disclose your personal data to?

Storytel may disclose Your personal data to its affiliates, i.e. to companies within the Storytel group, business partners, suppliers and other third parties in order to fulfil the agreement with You or to fulfil agreements with Storytel’s suppliers and business partners or otherwise according to the purposes set out in this privacy policy. This might be the case when we provide information to e.g. Your bank to prove compliance and sort out misunderstandings etc.
Storytel may also disclose Your personal data to third parties for the purpose of sending You tailored advertising and marketing, for the purpose of avoiding to send You irrelevant advertising or other types of irrelevant marketing, to measure the success and outreach of our digital marketing and for other promotional purposes. Such is the case when Storytel uses remarketing features and impression, interest and demographic reporting in Google Analytics, uploads custom audiences to e.g. Facebook and Google and when we inform our business partners, such as Facebook and Google, that a certain marketing measure generated a new specific customer or a number of new customers as the case may be.
Storytel may also disclose personal data to companies that process personal data on our behalf, such as our IT system providers, customer service companies and affiliates. If personal data is disclosed to such companies that process data on Storytel’s behalf, Storytel enters into data processing agreements with such parties in order to ensure that a high level of security for Your personal data is maintained.
Personal data may also be disclosed, if needed, to comply with statutory legal requirements or requirements from authorities or agencies, to safeguard Storytel’s legal interests or to detect, prevent, or pay attention to fraud and other security or technical issues.
As an international business, we may store Your personal data in the European Union (EU) or in the European Economic Area (EEA) or in other locations. When Your personal data is transferred between different countries, the transfer is made to the previously described categories of recipients and for the purposes set out in this privacy policy.
  • As previously mentioned, Your personal data is transferred to the previously described categories of recipients for the purposes set out in this privacy policy. We will take steps to ensure that Your personal data continues to receive a standard of protection that is at least comparable to that provided under the Personal Data Protection Act in Singapore.

11. Links to external websites

Information provided by Storytel may contain links to websites operated or owned by someone other than Storytel. Storytel is not responsible for the processing of personal data carried out on these websites. Storytel encourages You to inform yourself of the privacy practices of the respective website controllers.

12. Changes to the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be revised from time to time. If Storytel makes any significant changes to the privacy policy, Storytel will inform You by e-mail, SMS or through the Service before the changes take effect. The most recent version of our privacy policy will also be published on Storytel’s website. If any change requires Your consent, Storytel will make a request for such new consent from You. We encourage You to review this privacy policy frequently in order to stay informed about our data processing practices.

13. Your rights under EU/EEA Law

If You are located in the EU/EEA, or if Your personal data is otherwise being processed by a Storytel entity within the EU/EEA, You have the following rights (in addition to withdraw Your consent):
  • Right of access: You have a right to ask whether or not we have personal data about You and, if that is the case, request information on what personal data we have about You and why and how we process it.
  • Right to rectification: We are required to rectify inaccurate personal data, or to complete personal data that is incomplete, on request.
  • Right to erasure (right to be forgotten): We are in some circumstances required to erase Your personal data on Your request.
  • Right to estriction of processing We are in some circumstances required to restrict our use of Your personal data on Your request. In such cases, we may only use the personal data for certain limited purposes set out by law.
  • Right to data portability: Under certain circumstances, You may have the right to receive their personal data to which we have access, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and with a right to transmit those data to another entity.
  • Right to object: In some cases, You may object to our use of Your personal data. We may then be required to stop using the personal data. One example when this might apply is when personal data is used for marketing and profiling purposes.
Please note that some of the rights above may only be exercised in certain situations, e.g. the right to data portability, which only applies when the processing is carried out on the basis of contractual necessity or consent and if the processing is carried out by automated means and the right to have data deleted, which only applies when data is processed based on a balance of interest or consent.

14. General

In case You have any questions regarding how Storytel processes Your personal data, want to exercise any of Your rights or want to know more about the rights, You may contact us e.g. as indicated below. E-mail address:
f You do not want Storytel to process Your personal data for direct marketing, You can give notice thereof to Storytel. Additionally and for each newsletter sent to You, You will be informed that You can opt out of receiving further newsletters. As regards push notifications You may (in the case of most mobile and tablet devices) opt out of receiving such notifications by going to Your device “Settings” and clicking on “Notifications,” and then changing those settings for some or all of the apps on Your device. As regards cookies, Your choices for opting out are outlined in Storytel’s cookie policy.
You are also entitled to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority if You consider that Your personal data has been processed in contradiction with applicable data protection legislation. If You are a resident of, if Your place of work is in or if the alleged infringement of data protection law has taken place in Singapore, You may lodge Your complaint to the Personal Data Protection Commission of Singapore.

Last reviewed on 2 November 2018

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