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These subscription terms (“Subscription Terms”) regulate your Storytel subscription and supplement the Storytel Terms of Use. In the event of a conflict, these Subscription Terms shall prevail over the Terms of Use. If you change your subscription, the new subscription terms will prevail over these Subscription Terms. Changes and amendments to these Subscription Terms will be made in accordance with the Terms of Use. All personal data will be processed in accordance with the Storytel Privacy Policy. For more details about this subscription plan and the Storytel Service in general, please visit the Storytel website.

1. Storytel Family Subscription Plan

This subscription provides access to the Service for two Subscribers who are members of the same household. The subscription is offered to the customers based in specific countries. Storytel reserves the right to cancel any subscription if Storytel deems that the user is not based in such country.
The buyers account becomes the subscription administrator for this subscription. The subscription administrator may invite another member of the household to use the subscription. The second user will also need a Storytel account. The subscription administrator may also disinvite a person who is currently using this subscription. This can be managed via the Storytel website.
The Subscribers have access to the full Storytel catalogue (as available from time to time) in the country where the Service is used.
You may switch to a different subscription plan by contacting Storytel, by visiting the Storytel website, or by using the channels of the third party with which you entered the contract (see section 4.3 below).

2. Payment, Term and Termination

The subscription is charged in advance for periods of 30 days or longer (as chosen by you when signing up), commencing on the date when you activate your subscription or, in the case where the subscription has started with a Free Trial, from the date of the expiry of the Free Trial.
Unless otherwise agreed, your Subscription will renew automatically. If you do not cancel your subscription, you authorize us to charge you the next periodical subscription fee in accordance with the Agreement, via your chosen payment method.
In the event of a defaulted or delayed payment, Storytel reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access to the Service. If this should occur, please log in to Storytel's website with your contact details and password to re-activate your subscription. If you have entered into your service contract with a third party (see section 4.3 below) you may have to contact that third party in order to reactivate your Subscription. In the event of a delayed/defaulted payment, Storytel is entitled to charge you reasonable penalty interest, reminder fees, and where applicable, statutory debt collection fees.
To unsubscribe from a Subscription, please turn to Storytel's website and log in. You can find further help in the Storytel Help Center. You can also cancel the Service by contacting Storytel by the means described in section 5 below. If you have signed up to the Subscription via a third party (see section 4.3 below) you must cancel your Subscription via that third party.

3. Cooling-off period

When signing up to this subscription, you would normally have a right to a fourteen (14) day cooling-off period courtesy of Storytel. The cooling-off period would apply from the date when the Service starts being delivered, which is the date when you sign up for a subscription plan.
However, by accepting these Subscription Terms, you accept that the delivery of the Service begins immediately and that you forfeit the right to cancel your purchase of the Service as per the cooling-off rights mentioned in section 3.1.

4. Delivery of Service

The Service is made available to you under the Agreement by Storytel Sweden AB, incorporated in Sweden with corporate identity number 556696-2865 and with address Box 24167, 104 51 Stockholm.
If you purchase your subscription via Storytel's website, the Service is sold to you by Storytel Sweden AB.
If you purchase your subscription via a third party, such as a telephone operator, the Service is sold to you by that third party, unless otherwise indicated by the third party.

5. Contact details

You may contact us via the channels below:

Last reviewed: 1 April 2024

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