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I Am A Hitman: The Real-Life Confessions of a Contract Killer


The unbelievable account of life as a hitman from a man who has been doing it for decades.

Hitmen commit heinous crimes virtually every day of the week and, in most instances, we don't even realise.

I've been a killer for hire for more than twenty years now, but life as a fulltime professional assassin has never been easy.

There have been close calls, failed attempts and a lot of looking over my shoulder.

And now, I've decided to come clean and seek atonement for my life as a murderer and one of the most covertly dangerous men alive.

This is an account of a life lived between our world and a shadowy underworld of criminals… a life lived under the radar of the law… a life lived in death.

This is the story of my life as a hitman.

© 2020 Welbeck (E-KİTAP) ISBN: 9781787396043

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